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Our biscuits home baked in Phuket

Artisan Biscuits Factory

Jean-Marie and Jocia, after sailing in their yacht around the World, finally arrived in Phuket, in 2005. Jean-Marie, a Master Baker and Jocia, an able, inspirational Manager, decided to open a business to support them on the island. The result was ‘La Bastogne’, the Belgian Bakery, opposite the entrance to Chalong Temple. It was here in a friendly, informal setting, that they would share their love of good food, with the local Thai population, Ex-pats and tourists, by producing a range of quality Bread and Confectionary products

5 years Later…

In 2010, the popularity of Bastogne Bakery, with its quality range of products, drew the attention of the Twin Palms Group.

After some negotiation, Jean-Marie and Jocia decided to sell to them their business. The deal included the retention of both the founders, to assist Twin Palms in the training and selection of the additional bakery staff, required for a planned expansion of the business. At the end of this transitional period, the new business had been re-branded as ‘BAKE’.

New Challenges… In 2012

After successfully fulfilling their role with the launching and establishment of ‘BAKE’, there were new challenges to tackle.

A period of two years follows, in which Jocia was involved in consultancy work with Thai Companies, who were seeking to expand their food and beverage business’ outlets in Phuket. This covered the selection, training and induction of staff into their new working environments, and the creation, production and quality control of food and beverage products.

The Future changes...

Finally, we arrive at Belgium Bakery a new On line Brand which is scheduled to appear at a location in the North of the island, in 2014. A company that will cater for all people, businesses and families alike, who seek quality food products …Unfortunatly due to sudden illness with Jean-Marie and of course covid 19 it was closed down for a while. It is now rebranded In 2022 as J'S Biscuits an Artisan Biscuits Factory on Phuket Island.